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January 4th, 2018- Long Open Hiatus

It's the new year and I'm already stressed out. Not going into details, but right now any kind of updates or possibly bloggin is on hold until everything gets good again for me. The baby is fine, incase anyone took that in consideration. I will try to respond, but right now this isn't as important as life. I will probably change the layout maybe once month still, but don't hold your breath. Unbreakable as of now is on LONG OPEN HIATUS. Peace.

February 17th, 2018:: Slowly working on UB, I haven't started making anything. Just mainly organizing my cpanel, which all the 'download all' link have been deleted until I fix all the links. So the navigation has a lot deleted from it. Hopefully I can start fixing it and whatnot, but for now. Thats all folks.


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