June 24th, 2017

Honestly, I can't catch a bloody break. My fiance' and I don't have a day off together, then had to take him to the hospital for chest pains. He's ok, but has a appointment next week to get some tests done, then our only car for the moment breaks down but thankfully the insurance actually covers this one. I'm still waiting for my Kia to be done. Finally, was able to get 2 requests done and added. That's about it, sorry. I'm working on still gutting everything, but don't have a lot of time. I can't believe its almost 4th of July, which I need to start working on a new layout :( Lord help me! Peace and vote for me below!

NOTE:: I will be gutting out current content, which most as been up for a few years. Time to get rid of a bunch of things. I do plan on keeping them on my hard drive, so if there was something particular you wanted, I can email it.